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    Roll of acoustic foam adhesive especially adapted to the installation of the speakers in plaster Magic Speaker Use : Absorbs acoustic energy to prevent its spread and noise, unwanted noise on steel frames (Rails high, the rails bottom and vertical posts). Limit the propagation of the sound waves and dampened the vibration by the dissociation of drywall with the frame metal. Roll size : L : 30m x w : 50mm x Ep 3mm.1 sticky side protected by a silicone coated paper anti-adhesive, for easy installation.

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    Advantages : Removes the risk of contamination by contact Invisible Antiviral and antibacterial 2 models: On / off or dimmable ( with dimming )

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    Thermostat programmable semi-recessed for ceiling, floor and radiant heating electric. 3 modes of operation : 1/ Manual, it can be used as a simple thermostat. 2/ Automatic, it can be programmed to regulate the temperature according to your presence or your absence.3/ Wifi and 4-G, connected to your wifi box, it works with an Android app or Apple to allow you to adjust the programs and the temperature of your home from your smartphone wherever you are. Features : touch Screen, backlit. Stylish Design. Color : White. Languages : fFrench, English, Italian, German, Spanish, chinois. Warranty : 2 years.

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    NEW ! Thermostat connected. Programmable apparatus for radiant heating electric. Ideal renovation : Not of blood, nor of chutes unsightly to predict ! Offers the advantage of both radio, wi-fi and 4G ! Save energy: programmable at infinity through the creation of scenarios.Remote control and voice: Control and regulate your temperatures, distances with your smartphone or touch tablet.Intelligent, it adapts to the weather conditions in the event of a change of time and allows you to control its energy costs. Dimensions : 130 x 90 x 25 mm. Color : White or Black Languages : fFrench, English, Italian, German, Spanish, chinois. Comes with : 4 AAA batteries. Warranty : 2 years.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items